Usually we have to be reminded of how precious and short life can be, and usually this epiphany comes in the way of watching someone survive an illness, or growing old or even seeing someone less fortunate. It’s great that we seek the benefit from these experiences but what if we were able to appreciate our lives each day without having as a reminder someone else’s misfortune?

But we’re humans and we don’t get it right all the time. We find ourselves in professions we’re not particularly suited to, we choose people to be around that don’t always fulfill the role of “friend”. We make choices everyday that can affect our happiness and sometimes the choices are made with little planning or thought to the greater impact of those decisions.

Sue will put you in touch with what matters most and remind you of life's simpler pleasures. Through funny anecdotes and stories that highlight her points, Sue will guide you through her process of living a life that brings joy, laughter and rewards.  Rekindle your sense of excitement about your career choices and appreciate the good and bad of what life brings. Whether you’re a business owner who has lost the zest for what you do, or you’re a teacher that just can’t see the good in what you do anymore, or anyone that is feeling like negativity is better than positivity this experience is for you. You'll laugh, well some of you will and you might even cry, but you won't forget.

Nothing will be beyond you NOW!